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History of Baklava

Weaved with thin layers of dough and baked to perfection, Baklava is rooted in Arabic and Greek history where its popularity reached its zenith when the Ottoman Empire was introduced to it. Where they added pistachios, Armenians preferred the crunch of walnuts and Iran-made syrup infused with roses and orange blossoms.

Travelers with the sweet semblance of Baklava and memories etched with the recipes from the royal kitchens of the Ottoman Empire then replicated it in the West. Since then, all variations have paid tribute to the Turkish and Syrian chefs. Their flaky and thinly layered confections are stuffed delicately with clotted cream.

Arabian Delights was the culmination of this vision that came to be in 1992. The goal was to bring the best interpretation of Baklava and other Arabian sweets to the South Asian region.

And known for hospitality and warmth, we have received endless love and adoration for Arabian and Middle Eastern confections.

The Future is Sweeter

Since our conception, we have sweetened our kitchens with the perfect symphony of Pakistani and Arabian sweets. People loved our Mabrooma, Ash e Bulbul, Basboosa, and Asabae among seasonal Halwajaat, Dry Fruits, and Pakistani Mithaai just as much.

Three decades of Arabian Delights proudly sweetening your moments have gone by and we hope to continue this journey with the same momentum. Your memories made sweeter.

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