Arabian Special Mix Sweets

From PKR 1,000

Pakistani Special Mix Sweets

From PKR 500

Sugar Free Arabian Mix

From PKR 650

Kunafa Filled With Cream And Cheese (Lahore Only) (350 g)

PKR 700


Proudly serving baklava and other Arabian and Pakistani Delights since 1992. Sugar free range of most our products is also available.

The day of 18th December 1992 dawned on the city of Lahore with a new exotic taste of Arabian Sweets for its inhabitants. This day, Arabian Delights opened its door and brought to this food-loving city something unique, authentic,and as rich as the Arab culture Chefs from Syria and Lebanon were hired to replicate these sweets just the same way as they are offered in the Arab world. These mouth-watering delicacies are different from the local sweets as they use fine ingredients like nuts wrapped in this pastry sheets and brushed with sweet syrup.